Stage 3: Optimise therapy


Stage 3 involves optimising the therapy for all those on the COPD register according to the highest value interventions.


Now is the time to fully optimise patient therapy and to offer high-value interventions, such as smoking-cessation, vaccination and pulmonary rehabilitation.

What is involved?

The patient results should now guide appropriate long-term management and ongoing referral if appropriate.

  • Offer smoking intervention
  • Offer Flu Vaccine and Pneumovax
  • Offer pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Check inhaler technique
  • Optimise inhaler therapy

How will I show improvement?

Following this stage, the patient diagnosed with COPD will be fully optimised. In other words, all the key elements identified within the COPD QALY pyramid are prioritised; features that may not have been utilised previously.

Completion of this three-stage QI project will help instill correct COPD diagnosis practice, identify up to 25% of patients on COPD registers that may not have the condition, and optimise the management of patients with COPD to reduce future GP attendance and hospital admissions.

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