How to check and report your results

In tutorial 3, we will explore a checklist for reporting a spirometry trace, making sure you meet all the criteria for good quality test results and provide all the information needed to interpret the trace.

Key messages:

  • Before reporting a spirometry trace, it’s important to check that you tick all the boxes for good quality spirometry and provide all the information needed to interpret the test results.
  • If you are not happy with the quality of the test results, try and reschedule the test for a different day and make a note on the bottom of the report for the interpreting clinician, even if that’s you.
  • Don’t let poor quality spirometry out of your sight until you have written your technical report. Poor quality spirometry is the number one reason why patients get labelled with a misdiagnosis of lung disease.

How to identify and rectify the most common errors

How to look after your spirometry equipment

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